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A pharmacy specializing in medication management, SelectRx can give you peace of mind by managing, organizing, and refilling your medications so you don’t have to anymore.

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SelectRx has acquired My MedPak, a highly customized pharmacy solution to help members continue to take the right medications, at the right time, every time – at no extra cost. Learn more about My MedPak here.

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Pharmacy, simplified.

Managing all of your medications can be overwhelming, but at SelectRx, it’s our mission to make it easy. With personalized medication packets and automatic in-home delivery, we’ll help ensure you never miss a dose and that your prescriptions are taken accurately together.

Call 1-855-984-5102 to learn more.


No more forgetting to take medications

When you miss a dose, you miss out on the full health benefits of your prescription medications. With SelectRx, you’re empowered to take your medications on time and feel the full benefits of taking the right doses together.


No more organizing a pill box or managing complicated refills

Sorting pills can be time consuming and confusing. With SelectRx, your personalized medication packets will ensure your prescriptions are taken accurately together and at the right time.


No more waiting in line or driving to multiple pharmacies

When your refills aren’t submitted on time, your health and well-being are at risk. At SelectRx, we make refilling your medications less stressful with automatic in-home prescription delivery.

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SelectRx is the exclusive pharmacy partner for Population Health.

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